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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home Theater

We decided that we wanted to go a little retro with our new basement home theater.  I found a gumball machine on Craigslist that fell through and have been searching for another one.  My husband has a friend that owns a barber shop and he bought a few gumball machines on pedestals and asked if we wanted one.  My husband paid $30 for it and brought it home.  I was super excited and forgot to take a picture of the "before" but it was green.  We got some red spray paint, took it all apart, cleaned it, sprayed it red and put it all back together.  It is an awesome addition at the end of the stairway to the basement.  I love how the colors pop!
I found these jars at a thrift store and knew they would look great in the theater.  I, again, forgot to take a before picture, but they were plain brown wood.  I grabbed my can of black lacquer spray paint and gave them a few coats.  I spray painted the lids with chalkboard paint so we could write on them.  I have not found chalk yet to write on these and need some suggestions on what I should write....the names of the food, numbers, a cute message??
I think they turned out pretty good!
I also decided that I wanted to change an apple chalkboard that I had and was going to get rid of.  I searched the internet for a cool retro movie theater picture, printed it, and then decopaged it onto the board!  I love the little popcorn, hotdog, and soda guys!

Remember this table redo?  It is for the basement.  We now have somewhere to keep the remotes and sit our snacks and drinks on!
We wanted to keep the retro feel and decided some cool retro movie posters would be great!  I LOVEEEE these!!!   I love the vintage colors and how the yellow really stands out. 
I have to say that this is what sold the house..lol.  We LOVE this room.  It was originally themed for a certain college sports team, but my husband really is not into that team.  We were going to paint over the red, but decided to work with it (only because we painted soooo much upstairs that by the time we got to the basement we were pooped!)  I really love the bead board on the walls and that they painted the ceiling black.  The hardwood is also lovely!  We also negotiated the black couches that are recliners and the bar stools which are leather!!  Yay!
This bar is sooo cool.  We do not drink, so we use it more as a "snack bar" area.  Don't look at the dishes and cups under the bar...I have added black curtains to hide all that, but that was after this picture was taken. :)  The bar was made by the previous owners and they did a FABulous job.  You cannot see it in the picture, but the whole bar is glittery.  I love how it sparkles (input a certain vampire in my thoughts..lol Yes..I am one of those grown women who love Twilight..hee hee). 
Here is my daughter hanging out.  This is a perfect place for my  soon-to-be teens!  I also love that they used the corrugated metal on the bar! 

We spend alot of time hanging out down in our theater/family room!  I would love any suggestions on how to make it even cooler.  I really can't wait for the birthday parties that I will be throwing in this room!!

Leave me a comment and tell me what ya think!


  1. This is an awsome space. You guys did it well.

    Visiting by way of Get your craft on


  2. i really like this-we are redoing our basement with sort of a retro drive in theme, but i think it's hard to execute. i like the beadboard, i wasn't thinking of that for ours, but it looks good with the red. how do you feel about the black ceiling? we were thinking that since it is supposed to make it feel ceilingless, but do you feel that way? great job overall. coming over from NTT.

  3. I am so impressed with it all...looks amazing. Just saw a couple of vintage movie reels the other day at the flea for 5.00 each...maybe I should have bought them???


  4. Thanks everyone! I do love the black ceiling. It makes it feel like a "real" theater...very cozy. The ceilings are pretty high in our basement, but it feels higher with them painted black. I am actually looking for some reels and other things to decorate. This is my husband's "man cave" so I can't girly it up too much!

  5. Very awesome! Nice to have you join us for Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  6. Hi!

    Well, this is another fabulous room! I think a menu list on the wall behind the bar would be cute--really cute if you called it "The Hickory Dickory Theatre" and each item was "named" after family members. You may luck up on something like that at a local flea mkt, OR, better yet, design your own!

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. WOW!!! What a cool basement. We are eventually going to turn our basement into a cool room too. We want out house to be the place where our kids and all of their friends hang out. My oldest is 7, so we still have some time. I just might let your room inspire me!

    Thanks so much for linking to Transform Tuesday!!

  8. Great idea Jacque!! I will be on the lookout for something like that! Thanks Sarah! This is definitely a great place for my family. We play lots of games and have family fun night down in this room!

  9. Wonderul ideas!
    I'm following so i do not miss anything


    barbara jean

  10. It’s awesome! I’d take so much pride in having that kind of home theater myself. The long lines and the crowd in movie houses can get tiring at some point. Plus, with this setup, the experience is quite special, like you reserved the whole movie house just for yourself. So cool! I love the idea! :D

  11. Awesome! This is so perfect for a house party or even for chilling solo. I would love to have this kind of setup in our house. We are currently having renovations in our place and I'm in charge of all the decorating and stuff. I'm gonna consider this for our basement. I definitely dig the paint color of your walls. The lighting gave the room a real theater feeling. Great job!

    Angel Garcia


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