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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sushi Fun!

I am a secret foodie and love to watch shows about food, see pictures of food, hear about food, read about food, and most of all try new foods from around the world.
Makino Chaya located in Aloha Tower Marketplace

Being married to a military man has its perks! We were stationed in Hawaii for 4 years and I quickly became acustomed to the local cuisine that had a big influence from Asian cultures. There were as many sushi restaurants in Hawaii as we have McD's and BK here on the mainland. I refused to eat anything "fishy" at first, but then after trying sushi for the first time decided that I loved it. Not being a fish lover, I have yet to venture into raw sushi and stick to more americanized sushi.   I heart California Rolls!

I now try to search out the best California Roll I can find. I had a craving for sushi one night and decided to try to make my own! My husband called from work with his usual..."Do you need me to pick anything up from the store?" to which I replied "Can you go to the Asian market and pick up some sushi supplies for me, pleeeaaase!" He laughed and proceeded to write down directions, a list of items needed, and off he went. Yeah..I have a great husband that is willing to do anything for me!! :)

I searched online to find a recipe and/or video. This is what I came up with. Okay..onto the pictures.
1.  Rice cooker is something we cannot live without since living in Hawaii.   If you don't have one, a pot will work.    Cook according to rice directions.
2.  Rice wine vinegar (found at your local supermarket).  It helps keep a shine and stickiness to your rice.  Sugar and salt for rice. 
3.  Sushi rice.  This is the brand I use and can be found at Walmart or Kroger in the Asian food section.  You can find out how to make sushi rice here. or cook it in rice cooker and then add the other ingredients in video.
4.  Toasted sesame seeds.  Found at Walmart or Kroger or any supermarket.
5.  Bamboo sushi mat.  This was found at the Asian market, but I think you can find them at Walmart.
6.  Nori (seaweed) wrap paper.  This is found at the Asian market, but I have seen it at Kroger.
7.  Cucumbers-sliced small or julienned. 
8.  Immitation crab.  I use the smaller pieces because they are easier to take apart.
9.  Avacado-ripe and sliced into thin slices.


First you lay down your bamboo mat and place a sheet of plastic wrap on top (oops...forgot that on the ingredients list).   Cut the Nori in half (did not do this the first time...too much nori!).  Add a few spoonfuls of rice and spread it out, careful not to smush it too much!  Sprinkle the sesame seeds on top.   Carefully FLIP the nori over onto the rice side.

Add your crab, cucumber, and avacado that you sliced. 

I forgot to take pictures of this next step..oops.
Next, you roll one side of your bamboo mat over the top of the sushi roll and keep rolling like this.  
*Note:  This link shows the sushi with the nori on the outside of the roll, we flipped ours so the rice is on the outside. 

You can see that I squished mine a little too much.  LOL I was happy with the steps so far!  This step was kind of fun!!

Slice up your sushi (make sure to cut off the ugly ends) and serve!   Pretty good for my first attempt!   It was delicious!  Make sure you have some chopsticks and know how to use them!!

Leave me some comments and let me know what you think!

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