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Friday, July 30, 2010

School Desks

At the beginning of the summer I knew that I wanted to get desks for the kids rooms. I went thrifting and found some great deals! I paid a little more for this first desk because I really wanted it. I think it was $20 because it was a consignment item.

A little bit o' magic with a can of Fire Engine Red spray paint and...............VOILA!!!

I then found a chair at GW for $5 and sprayed that the same color spray paint!
I added a blue seat cushion that I picked up at WM for $4 and it makes a perfect addition to his new Mario Bros. Room!
I also picked up the little tin buckets at Gee to the Dubbya! I think they were 50 cents each. He loves math and wanted to learn his times tables, so I got him a poster for above his desk.
So...then I went to GW and found this desk for .......99 cents!!!!!! It had some nasty corkboard on the back and had some nails sticking out the top. I took both of those off and cleaned out the drawers. I sanded it and painted it with Black Laquer spray paint. I then picked up some sheet metal from Lowes and glued it with Gorilla Glue to the back. The kids and I made some magnets with those clear stones (the kind you put in vases) from the Dollar Tree, some magazine cutouts, and Modge Podge! They turned out awesome, picture and tutorial to come later!
I was super shocked at how good this turned out. He loves it!! I also picked up this dirty nasty metal chair for 99 cents. It was VERY grimy. A little cleaning and replacement of the seat cushion and backing (that was a vinyl) with some blue fabric and it was awesome!
I also put some black trim around the edges of the sheet metal with hot glue!
Oh...and the frame (which now has a picture in it), the boxes, and the lamp....all from GW! I think I spent a total of $4.00.

We added a silohette vinyl to his wall for the overall look. He loves his new room!


  1. AMAZING RE-DOS!!! Love them both! I hope you'll stop by my PRETTY PACKAGES PARTY next week. You're so creative, I'm sure you have some super cute ideas for wrapping gifts! Be sure to grab a button for a little reminder!

    PS. I'm your newest follower!

  2. They're both great! I couldn't pick a favorite.

    Well done!

  3. really cute that little first desk.... it reminds me of my own childhood


  4. Love the red!!! Both desks are great redo's...I just finished two school desk makeovers for my classroom...check them out if you get a chance!

    Have a great weekend!



  5. Such great transformations! This gives me inspiration for a desk I need to do for my son.

  6. Cute cute! I LOVE it with the light blue in the room.

  7. Wow! Those are some great finds and even better transformations.

  8. Hi!

    I cannot believe that you got THAT desk for $.99!! Just whhere is YOUR Goodwill located?? I've found that the local Goodwill's in our area (East TN) price their items ridiculously HIGH...some at "antique" prices! Even the Habitat for Humanity items are priced too high, in my opinion. I guess I've found my best buys at our local church thrift stores.

    You and I are alot alike--we aren't afraid of COLOR!! I'm loving all the ones you have used in your home.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. You know...We recently moved and had to stay in a hotel for a month because we sold our house on the first offer (first show) and I spent alot of days at Goodwill searching for things. The red desk was a find at a thrift store and the black desk was found in our new town's Goodwill. They have this cool warehouse section of all the "leftovers" that no one wanted and everything is dirt cheap! I find lots of treasures in there!

    I love the warm colors in most of my home. I can't stand white walls...it is too sterile for me. :)


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