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Thursday, July 29, 2010


School supplies-Check...Backpacks-Check...Lunch boxes-Check... So I guess it is about time to start getting organized. I got my daughter's volleyball schedule for August and quickly realized that we also signed both boys up for soccer and it will soon be chaotic with a million things to do once school starts. I have a cubby area next to the garage door that will be our go-to area for all schedules, calendars, school papers and such. I was not sure what to do with this area but I knew I had to do something. When we first moved in, I quickly hung up a bulletin board that I had, but it was not working so well because it is kind of dark in the space and hard to reach the back wall because of the shelf.

This space was becoming a catch-all.
I remembered that I had a shelf in the garage that would work. I picked this shelf up last summer at a garage sale for $3.00. I got my trusty spray paint and went to work. I wanted a satin finish and also wanted to distress it some. I put on two coats.

Then started sanding the edges with my block sander.

Love the distressed look

So I took down the bulletin board and got my trusty "Hercules Hooks"....Love these things!! I actually found some at walmart, but they were a different brand. They are easy to hang up and hold lots of weight!

I needed something to hold school supplies for homework and activities for the year. I got this set of cans (4 cans in a set) that had ducks on them. They were at Goodwill for 99 cents!! So...I grabbed some scrapbook paper, tags that I had, some ribbon, and my trusty Modge Podge!! I love that stuff!

Went to work adding the paper which was a little tricky trying to not get wrinkles or bubbles on these cans. It dried without too many bubbles.

Next, I needed some kind of system to keep activities organized and remembered that I had a dry erase board that was also magnetic that was hanging on the bottom of a chore chart that I never used...perfect!

I printed out my kids names on some white cardstock. I used the font..My Underwood..because I loved that it looked like old typewriter font.
I had a roll of magnetic strip that was sticky on one side. I cut it to length and peeled off the back and attached my cardstock name.

I then took a permanent marker to outline the board because I wanted to keep the days separated. I found these cool day of the week magnets at walmart for only a few dollars! They were exactly what I needed for this project. I already had these in my office.

I added a calendar that I already had under the board. I placed each kids name at the top. Now I can keep track of where everyone needs to be, who has snack day at school, school programs, etc.

Added my cans to the shelf. I also picked up these two jars at Goodwill for 49 cents each! :) I have push pins in one and pencils in the other. We can never have enough pencils in this house and hopefully now everyone where be able to find one for homework.

I added a colored pencil can, glue, scissors, crayons. I LOVE the way this looks.

The AFTER! I also had these green cubby baskets that were in my office and not being used. This is great for papers that I want to keep or things that are needed for school projects! I put a file folder basket on the other side to hold important papers that I need to sign and return to school or for other important school information.


  1. This is a GREAT idea !! I've been dealing with back to school stuff too. This has inspired me to stop complaining about the stuff, mess and papers everywhere. (also the backpacks in the floor and NO pencils to be found at homework time.)and get up and make a school nook of my own !! I found you thru Get Your Craft on Thursday !
    I hope you can drop by my "place" sometime www.lifesorganizedmess.blogspot.com

  2. What a great way to organize that school area, Tina! It looks as cute as it is functional! You did a great job! :)

  3. Seriously I wish I was this organized! What a great space. It is super cute. Love the color of the lil bins and the paper you used on the cans.


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